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    • 发布时间: 2018 - 06 - 11
      Speed burning series includes: SUPERPRO/ 6100, SUPERPRO/ 7100, SUPERPRO/7500 three models
    • 发布时间: 2018 - 06 - 11
      Speed burning series includes: SUPERPRO/ 6100, SUPERPRO/ 7100, SUPERPRO/7500 three models
    • 发布时间: 2018 - 06 - 11
      Speed burning series includes: SUPERPRO/ 6100, SUPERPRO/ 7100, SUPERPRO/7500 three models
    • Product introduction
    • Product parameters
    • Scope of application
    • Commodity Reviews
    • • As of today, 279 vendors and 67,849 programmable devices are supported.

      • The SUPERPRO/7500 is the latest professional intelligent universal programmer/writer/writer for the SUPERPRO family. Relying on Xeltek's powerful device algorithm library, the number of support devices continues to increase; the speed is even better, eMMC speed is increased by 10 times, and up to 4 chips are simultaneously written; a new generation of pin drive technology ensures higher reliability and yield; USB2.0 and LAN dual communication interface.

      • The burning speed of eMMC devices is increased by 10 times, ordinary NAND is increased by 1 times, and other devices have different increases.

      • NOR/NAND FLASH, serial EEPROM/FLASH and other common devices can program up to 4 chips at the same time (depending on device type and package) and use a general-purpose programmer/writer/writer to produce a programmer. / Recorder / Writer capacity.

      • Supported devices include (but are not limited to) EPROM, Paged EPROM, parallel and serial EEPROM, FPGA configuration serial PROM, FLASH memory (NOR and NAND,), BPROM, NVRAM, SPLD, CPLD, EPLD, Firmware HUB, MCU, MCU; Support Package Including (but not limited to): DIP, SDIP, PLCC, JLCC, PGA, LGA, SOIC, SOJ, SOT, QFP, TQFP, PQFP, VQFP, MQFP, LQFP, TSOP, SOP, TSOPII, PSOP, SSOP , TSSOP, SON, EBGA, FBGA, FTBGA, VFBGA, μBGA, CSP, SCSP, QFN, HVQFN,. All adapters do not need to be relayed via the DIP-locked socket, resulting in higher connection reliability.

      • Strong NAND FLASH platform solution library and project support capabilities. NAND FLASH supports dozens of mainstream platforms including (but not limited to) Samsung (XSR1.0/1.6), QualComm, HYNIX (HIFFS), MTK (Solution V1.1), ICERA (v1.0/2.0), ST (7162) , 7141, etc.), AMLOGIC(IF2/0), REALTEK, PICOCHIP, DataLight (Flash FX Pro), Marvell(310/303/920/935...), BroadCom, ZTE, Intel (CE4100), UBI, LEADCORE (L1809OG), MSATR, etc. Fast user project software subscription (cycle 1-10 working days).

      • 144-pin universal drive circuit. 144 feet within the same package different types of chips generally only need an adapter. Universal adapters ensure fast new device support.

      • More advanced ninth-generation pin drive technology provides cleaner signals, a wider voltage range, and more accurate and higher frequency clocks. The use of a precision timing generator that complies with the original specifications ensures that devices with a Vcc of 1.2V to 5V are directly supported in various processes, with higher speeds and higher yields.

      • Chip security protection mechanism. Built-in precision voltage self-calibration circuit ensures that the voltage is within the preset accuracy at any time; the self-diagnostic function diagnoses hardware faults at any time to ensure that the machine is in good condition; automatic detection of chip mis-insertion, reverse insertion, and poor pin contact before operation; Check the chip ID code before.

      • Perfect over-voltage, over-current and ESD protection functions to avoid damage to the programmer/writer/writer.

      • Three operating modes.

      1) Local mode. Through the USB2.0 port (high speed) and local PC communication, online control;

      2) LAN mode. Access to local area network for local or remote control;

      3) Offline mode. With its own keyboard, LCD display, removable memory (standard SD card), it can be run offline independently, easy to operate, easy to expand, and is most suitable for mass production at the factory site. The project file (the quantity is limited only by the card capacity) is created and downloaded to the SD card online.

      • Jack booster (optional) improves operating efficiency, reduces fatigue, and extends operating life.

      • Powerful software functions simplify the operation, improve efficiency, avoid errors, and take care of users.

      1) Project. The user's various operations and settings on the target device, including the device model setting, programming file loading, configuration bit setting, batch processing commands, etc., are saved in the project file, and the write operation is performed one step at a time for each operation. , effectively reducing the probability of misuse.

      2) The Auto command. Allows the user to organize commonly used command sequences such as erase, check, programming, verification, and encryption as a single, one-step command.

      3) Production mode. Once the chip is correctly inserted into the socket, the CPU will automatically start the batch command without manual key press.

      4) Dynamic buffers. Each chip can be programmed with different data. The software automatically performs data changes in accordance with user requirements, including standard and custom serial number generators (such as MAC addresses, etc.).

      5) Log file, production statistics function. Provides facilities for quality tracking.

      6) Intellectual property protection. SD card encryption; project file rights management and encryption; output limitation; remote control.

      7) Expansion. Control up to 12 machines at the same time through the USB HUB.

      8) Supports JAM/STAPL Player and Direct C.

      9) Supports almost all known file formats and automatic file format recognition.

      10) Barcode management function. By scanning the bar code on the work order, a series of work such as loading the project file is completed to avoid human error.

      11) Accept user special functions and algorithm software customization.

      • Free technical support and free new device support. The general algorithm upgrades the fastest one working day. Upgrade software every working day.

      • Supports WINDOWS XP/VISTA/WIN7/Win8/Win10 32/64bit.

    • • PC communication interface: USB2.0 (high speed), LAN (100M)

      • Offline storage media: SD card

      • Ground wire socket

      • Keyboard and monitor: 6-key membrane keypad, 20-word X 4-line LCD display

      • Power Supply: DC 12V /1.5A.

      • Host size: 184 x 160 x 78 (mm); Host weight: 0.8Kg

      • Package size: 310 x 250 x 145 (mm); Package weight: 1.65Kg

      • Operating temperature range: 0-40°C

      • Operating Humidity Range: 20%-80%

    • 产品名称:

      SUPERPRO/ 7500

      上市日期: 2018-06-11

      Standard configuration

      • One host computer, one power supply, one USB 2.0 cable, one software CD (user manual), and one warranty card.

      • Optional: DIP48 locking socket, adapter, SD card

      Device burning example



      3968MB (P+V)

      1984MB (P+V)

      1024MB (P+V)




      98 s

      52 s



      314  s

      155 s

      56 s



      320 s

      158 s

      58 s



      318 s

      160 s

      62 s

      Device update

      • FLexRobot occasionally adds programming support for new devices and updates software online;

      • See the latest device support list;

      • Users can download the latest software from the Internet for free

      • If it is not convenient to download, you can also obtain the free software CD, telephone 0755-27448110

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