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    • Glosen 24 Keys Aluminum Key Lock Storage Box for Key Management B8124

      1. Wisdom Series - The New Generation Key Box
      Wisdom series key box is made of unique aluminum alloy, beautiful & elegant design, user friendly function and built-in with a free control of the key hanging. You can freely adjust the upper and lower space, and each key ring is attached to a different code recognition system, easy for finding while the keys are stored.

      2. Product specification: 245x58x312 mm
         Model No.: B8124 (with more than 24 pcs key tags included)
         Item: key storage box for key store and managment 
         Material: Aluminium and MDF 
         Capacity: It's ok to have 24 keys hanged in the box .

      3. Effective management and preservation of various types of keys, including file cabinets, offices, cars and all kinds of instrument keys.

      4. Various storage: 24, 32, 48, 72, 96, 120, 212 and 305 keys capacity to meet the needs of different requests. 

      5. Using German aluminum alloy technology.
      Aluminium alloy sides, more durable, anti-drop, anti-collision. Beautiful & elegant design, user friendly.
      Double-sided design for hanging more keys. With built-in aluminium alloy suspension bar, each key ring is attached to a different code recognition system, easy for finding while the keys are stored.

      Wall-mount fuction by using the backup 2 screws at the back side of the box. 
      You can put it on the desk or hang it on the wall to save the space easily!

      6. Products are widely use for families, property management companies, real estate companies, enterprises, factories, hotels and other places.

      7. The key box included four different colors key tags, colorful and dazzling!

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    • 产品名称:

      24 Keys Storage Cabinet Portable Solid Steel Safe Case with Safety Locking

      上市日期: 2019-07-26
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