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    Way of soldering iron

    Date: 2018-07-12
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    Grip of the soldering iron: There are three types:

    1) The anti-grip method is to hold the handle of the soldering iron in the palm with five fingers. This method is applicable to high-power soldering irons, and is connected to the welded parts with large heat dissipation.

    2) Positive grip method, the electric soldering iron used in this method is also relatively large, and most of them are curved soldering iron tips.

    3) Holding the pen method, this method is suitable for low-power electric soldering iron, welding parts with low heat dissipation, such as welding radio, printed circuit board of TV and its maintenance.

    Fourth, the use of soldering iron requirements

    1. Handling of the new soldering iron before use A new soldering iron can't be used. It must be processed before the soldering iron head can be used normally, that is, the soldering iron tip is coated with a layer of solder before use. The specific method is as follows: firstly, the iron tip is twisted into a certain shape as needed, and then connected to the power source. When the temperature of the soldering iron head rises to be able to melt the tin, the rosin is applied to the soldering iron head, and then the rosin is smoked and then coated. The upper layer of solder is so 2 to 3 times that an oxide layer is formed on the blade surface of the soldering iron tip and around it, which causes a phenomenon of "eat tin". At this time, the oxide layer can be removed and replated. Solder on the solder.

    2. Adjusting the length of the soldering iron tip When soldering the integrated circuit and the transistor, the temperature of the soldering iron tip should not be too high, and the time should not be too long. At this time, the length of the soldering iron tip inserted on the soldering iron core can be appropriately adjusted to control The temperature of the tip.

    3. There are two kinds of soldering iron heads: straight head and elbow. When using the pen holder method, the soldering iron of the straight iron head is more flexible to use. Suitable for soldering in circuits with many components. The electric iron for bending the iron head is suitable for the positive grip method, and is mostly used for welding under the vertical table of the circuit board.

    4. The soldering iron is not easy to be energized for a long time without using it, because it is easy to cause the soldering iron core to accelerate oxidation and burn, and at the same time, the soldering iron tip will be oxidized by heating for a long time, and even burned "dead" and no longer "eat tin".

    5. When replacing the soldering iron core, be careful not to connect the lead wires because the soldering iron has three binding posts, one of which is grounded, and the other two are connected to the two leads of the soldering iron core (the two binding posts pass through the power cable directly Connected to 220V AC power supply). If the 220V AC power cord is wrongly connected to the terminal of the grounding wire, the soldering iron casing will be charged and the welding part will be charged, which will cause an electric shock.

    When soldering iron is soldered, it is best to use rosin flux to protect the soldering iron from corrosion. The soldering iron should be placed on the soldering iron stand. Should be handled with care, never mess with tin on the soldering iron

    1, the use of adjustable balance temperature soldering iron is better; 2, the first time you use, you must let the soldering iron mouth "eat tin"; 3, usually do not use a soldering iron, to keep a certain amount of tin on the soldering iron mouth, can not be The soldering iron mouth is cleaned on the sponge and stored on the iron frame; 4, the sponge needs to maintain a certain amount of water to make the sponge moist all day; 5, when picking up the soldering iron to start using, you need to clean the soldering iron mouth, but in During the process of use, it is not necessary to take the soldering iron tip to the sponge for cleaning. Just put the tin on the soldering iron mouth into the tin-collecting carton, so that the temperature of the soldering iron nozzle will not drop rapidly, if there is still difficulty in tin extraction on the IC. , add some tin up (because the tin wire contains flux), you can easily extract more tin down; 6, the soldering iron temperature is between 340 ~ 380 degrees is normal, if some sensitive components only accept 240 ~280 degrees of soldering temperature; 7, soldering iron mouth, can not be treated with metal parts such as blades, but with rosin or tin wire to solve; 8, after daily use, first clean, then add tin, Then turn off the power immediately.

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