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    Mobile repair soldering iron tip maintenance

    Date: 2018-07-12
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    Mobile phone repair soldering station lead-free soldering iron head maintenance and maintenance

    1. Soldering 63% to 37% lead should be used when soldering the appropriate tin wire, and the soldering iron tip is often protected with a tin layer. In addition, we should try to use thicker tin wire for welding work, because the thicker tin wire butt welding head has more...

    1. Use the appropriate tin wire

    Solder should be used with 63% to 37% lead in soldering and often with a tin layer to protect the soldering iron tip. In addition, the thicker tin wire should be used as much as possible for the welding work, because the thicker tin wire butt welding iron head has better protection.

    2. Keep the soldering iron clean

    Use a moist, special cleaning sponge to apply flux, tin and oxide to the soldering iron tip. After each use, the soldering iron must clean the oxide on the soldering iron tip and add new tin to the tin plating of the soldering iron tip.

    3. Often apply a layer of tin to the surface of the soldering iron

    This can reduce the chance of oxidation of the soldering iron tip and make the soldering iron head more durable. After use, the new tin layer should be applied after the humidity of the soldering iron is slightly lowered, and the tin-plated layer can be used to achieve better anti-oxidation effect.

    4. Place the soldering iron on the soldering iron frame

    When soldering iron is not required, the soldering iron should be carefully placed on a suitable soldering iron frame to avoid damage to the soldering iron.

    5. Instantly clean oxides

    When the tin plating layer contains black oxide or rust, there is a possibility that the soldering iron tip cannot be tinned and the soldering work cannot be performed. If the tin-plated layer is found to have a black oxide and cannot be tinned, it must be cleaned up immediately.

    6. Choose the right soldering iron head

    It is important to choose the correct size and shape of the soldering iron. Choosing the right soldering iron can make the work more efficient and increase the durability of the soldering iron. The soldering iron tip selects the wrong soldering iron tip and affects the soldering iron to achieve the highest efficiency, and the soldering quality is also reduced.

    The size of the soldering iron tip is directly related to the heat capacity. The larger the soldering iron tip is, the larger the heat capacity is, and the smaller the soldering iron tip is, the smaller the heat capacity is. In the case of continuous welding, the larger the soldering iron tip is used, the temperature drop is reduced. In addition, due to the high heat capacity of the large soldering iron tip, it is difficult to oxidize using a relatively low temperature soldering iron tip during soldering, increasing its life.

    The short and thick soldering iron head has a long heat transfer and a fine soldering iron tip is fast and durable. A flat, blunt tip can deliver more heat than a sharp tip. In general, the size of the soldering iron is standard without affecting adjacent components. Selecting a geometry that is in full contact with the solder joints improves soldering efficiency.

    AAA. There is a temperature-regulated soldering iron. Depending on the solder used, it is important to choose the most appropriate soldering iron temperature setting. Before working, it is important to first measure the temperature of the tip with a tip thermometer.

    BBB. Use the authentic soldering iron head matched with the manufacturer

    The poor quality of the soldering iron tip, the aperture (putting into the heating core) are large and small, and the thickness of the sleeve is also different. These causes the performance of the soldering iron to be unable to play, sometimes causing the failure of the soldering iron.

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