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    Lead free and lead different

    Date: 2018-07-12
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    Lead-free solder contains no lead and has a higher melting point than conventional (63% tin + 37% lead) solder.

    Common lead-free solder:

    · Sn-Ag (tin + silver, 96-98% tin)

    · Sn-Cu (tin + copper, 96% tin)

    · Sn-Ag-Cu (tin + silver + copper, 93-96% tin)

    · Sn-Ag-Bi (tin + silver + tantalum, 90.5-94% tin)

    · Sn-Ag-Bi-Cu (tin + silver + 铋 + copper, 90-94% tin)

    The 63/37 lead solder bath has a melting point of 183 ° C and the freezing point is also 183 ° C. Note: This solder does not appear colloidal [the same temperature point from liquid cooling to solid (or vice versa)].

    The 60/40 lead solder bath has a melting point of 191 ° C and a freezing point of 183 ° C. Note: This solder has a gelatinous state in the 8 °C range [temperature range required from liquid cooling to solid state (or vice versa)].

    Lead-free solder melting points range from 217 ° C to 226 ° C.

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