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    General technical requirements for ESD

    Date: 2018-07-12
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    A, anti-static routine process requirements:

    1. The operator must wear a wired anti-static wrist;

    2. The table top involved in the operation of electrostatic sensitive devices shall be equipped with an anti-static mat;

    3. ESD sensitive devices must be transported by electrostatic shielding and anti-static devices;

    4. When preparing to open the seal and test the static sensitive device, it must be carried out on the anti-static workbench. Conditional ion air generator can be used to remove the charge in the air;

    5. The welding equipment and forming tooling equipment used for assembly must be grounded. The welding tool uses an internal heat soldering iron, the grounding should be good, and the grounding resistance should be small;

    6, the power supply system should be modified with a transformer for isolation, the ground wire should be reliable, to prevent floating ground wire, the grounding resistance is less than 10 ohms;

    7. When testing the product, the device cannot be plugged or unplugged when the power is turned on. It must be plugged and unplugged when the power is turned off. 8. ESD sensitive devices should not be taken out of the original package prematurely. According to the operation, try not to touch the legs of ESD sensitive devices;

    9. When soldering with wave solder, the solder and transfer system must be grounded;

    B. In the case of strict anti-static requirements, the following anti-static process requirements are also often required;

    1. When the ESD-sensitive whole machine is subjected to high and low temperature test or aging test, the electrostatic field test of the work site and the high and low temperature box must be carried out first, and the potential cannot exceed the safe value. Otherwise, the static elimination process should be performed.

    2. Anti-static measures should also be taken when the welded printed circuit board is to be treated as three. Do not use general brushing, ultrasonic cleaning or spray cleaning.

    3. Low-impedance instruments and equipment (such as signals, bridges, etc.) used during commissioning, measurement, and inspection should be connected to the input of the ESD-sensitive device after the ESD-sensitive device is connected to the power supply.

    4. In the production line of ESD sensitive test equipment, the electrostatic potential test should be strictly used to monitor the change of electrostatic potential, so as to take static elimination measures in time.

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