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    ESD Three Models

    Date: 2018-07-12
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    1. The human body type means that the friction between the body and the clothes generates a triboelectric charge when the human body moves. When people hold ESD-sensitive devices without first placing charge on the ground, the triboelectric charge will move to the ESD-sensitive device and cause damage.

    2. The charged type of microelectronics refers to both ESD-sensitive devices, especially for plastic parts. When automated production, triboelectric charges are generated, and these triboelectric charges are quickly discharged through a low-resistance line to a highly conductive, solid ground. The surface, thus causing damage; or causing damage to the metal portion of the ESD-sensitive device by induction.

    3. The field type is surrounded by a strong electric field, which may come from plastic materials or human clothes, where electron conversion occurs across the oxide layer. If the potential difference exceeds the dielectric constant of the oxide layer, an arc is generated on the side to destroy the oxide layer, and as a result, it is short-circuited.

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