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    Anti-static industry standard

    Date: 2018-07-12
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    1 General specification for anti-static raised floor SJ/T 10796-2001

    2 General specification for anti-static veneer SJ/T 11236-2001

    3 Test methods for electrostatic properties of floor coverings and assembled floors SJ/T 11159-98

    4 Test methods for antistatic systems for electronic products manufacturing SJ/T 10694-96

    5 General rules for electrostatic protection of communication equipment YD/T 754-1995

    6 Communication room static protection general YD/T 754-95

    7 Anti-static technical requirements for the manufacture of electronic components SJ/T 10630-95

    8 Safety standard for fireproof performance of wooden raised floor DB 31/153-94

    9 Anti-static technical requirements for electronic equipment manufacturing SJ/T 10533-94

    10 Electronic computer room construction and acceptance specifications SJ/T 30003-93

    11 General Specifications for Anti-Static Operating Systems QJ 2846-96

    12 Information Technology Equipment Electrostatic Discharge Sensitivity Test SJ 20154-92

    13 Roof rubber waterproof material - EPDM sheet HG 2402-92

    14 Rules for the use of static sensitive devices Q/W 293-92

    15 Electrostatic requirements for electronic equipment and equipment QJ 2245-92

    16 Semiconductor device usage rules QJ 2225-92

    17 integrated circuit anti-static packaging tube SJ/T 10147-91

    18 Technical requirements for anti-static safety workbench QJ 2177-91

    19 Anti-static safety regulations for ammunition charging assembly production WJ 1913-90

    20 Anti-static safety regulations for the production of electric fire products WJ 1912-90

    21 Anti-static operating system technical requirements QJ 1950-90

    22 Electrostatic test method QJ 1875-90

    23 Anti-static requirements for electronic components QJ 1693-89

    24 Aerospace system grounding equipment grounding requirements QJ 1211-87

    25 Anti-static safety regulations for black powder production WJ 1695-87

    26 "Regulations on the Use of Electrostatic Sensitive Devices" material Q/W 293-92-2

    27 General specification for anti-static turnover containers SJ/T11277-2002

    Certification standards:

    1 International Standard IEC61340-5-1:2007

    2 US military standard ANSI/ESD S20.20-200

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