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    A, anti-static routine process requirements:1. The operator must wear a wired anti-static wrist;2. The table top involved in the operation of electrostatic sensitive devices shall be equipped with an anti-static mat;3. ESD sensitive devices must be transported by electrostatic shielding and anti-static devices;4. When preparing to open the seal and test the static sensitive device, it must be carried out on the anti-static workbench. Conditional ion air generator can be used to remove the charge in the air;5. The welding equipment and forming tooling equipment used for assembly must be grounde...
    发布时间: 2018 - 07 - 12
    1. The human body type means that the friction between the body and the clothes generates a triboelectric charge when the human body moves. When people hold ESD-sensitive devices without first placing charge on the ground, the triboelectric charge will move to the ESD-sensitive device and cause damage.2. The charged type of microelectronics refers to both ESD-sensitive devices, especially for plastic parts. When automated production, triboelectric charges are generated, and these triboelectric charges are quickly discharged through a low-resistance line to a highly conductive, solid ground. Th...
    发布时间: 2018 - 07 - 12
    1 General specification for anti-static raised floor SJ/T 10796-20012 General specification for anti-static veneer SJ/T 11236-20013 Test methods for electrostatic properties of floor coverings and assembled floors SJ/T 11159-984 Test methods for antistatic systems for electronic products manufacturing SJ/T 10694-965 General rules for electrostatic protection of communication equipment YD/T 754-19956 Communication room static protection general YD/T 754-957 Anti-static technical requirements for the manufacture of electronic components SJ/T 10630-958 Safety standard for fireproof performance of...
    发布时间: 2018 - 07 - 12
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