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    JBC Product specification

    JBC Product specification


    1.The JBC has dual soldering fixture and multi soldering control host. How many solder soldering irons can I connect?


    DD, DM Welding Fixture Control host can only receive one soldering iron tool.


    DD Dual Welding Control host has two ports add one Vacuum Module special port, DM multi-welding control host has four ports add one special ports used in vacuum modules.


    2. When I looked at the RMST Universal repair Workstation, I didn't see the hot clamps.

    Can I connect the hot clamps to the RMST workstation?


    Yes, you can connect PA120-A or HT420-A hot clamps. When you purchase a RMST versatile repair workstation, you will not get a hot clip, RMST does not contain any hot clips.


    You have to buy another hot clip, but remember to also buy a PA-SD or HT-SD hot-solder fixture!


    3. I am trying to change the parameters of the console control host, it requires me to enter the code, what should I do?

    By default, the control host will accept 0105 of the code. You can change this code. If you enter the incorrect code 3 times, the control host will lock and give you an eight-digit number.

    Please contact us to indicate this eight- digit number and we will help you solve this problem.


    4. In the multi-weld control mainframe, I can set different welding temperature and sleep temperature for each welding fixture.

    Yes. You can choose different welding temperature and sleep temperature for each welding fixture.


    When you want to change your welding fixture control host parameter settings, you will be asked to pick up the welding tool, you just pick up the welding tool, and select the temperature you want to set.

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