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    What is Saier MRO?

    Saier MRO Introduction

    Saier MRO integrates procurement suppliers to provide one-stop products and services for industrial and commercial customers. By integrating China's brand factory supply chain, it helps customers reduce the hidden costs of mult-category small-scale procurement, improve operational efficiency, and achieve transparent procurement activities. Traceable.

    Saier MRO's main products include:

    Welding equipment and tip, machine equipment and consumables, tools and consumables, instrumentation equipment, anti-static and labor insurance supplies, knife measuring and welding lubrication, office supplies and lighting, material handling and storage, safety and security explosion-proof, electrical and electronic, machinery And 20 product lines for fluid transmission, pump valves and fittings, fasteners and seals, industrial inspections, laboratory analysis instruments, laboratory equipment and instruments, testing and laboratory consumables, 320 categories, 2800 subcategories, 8682 subcategories, more than 1 million products.

    Saier Informationization

    Dozens of Saier's IT R&D team, independent research and development cloud EPS procurement management signing system, PI product information system, ERP transaction management system, SRM/CRM supplier/customer management system, can effectively protect the customer's needs for the first time. Quick response. At the same time, we can provide data-matching services such as e-catalog and punch-out for different customer systems.

    Saier has established a number of warehouses in Shenzhen, China, and in the future, and plans to establish multiple storage centers in Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Singapore, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Brazil. Dozens of electrical, mechanical, and laboratory technical service engineers are available to provide customers closer to customers. Technical, after-sales service and logistics services to solve customer purchase worries.

    Saier MRO Integrated Procurement Service Advantage

    1. Save time

    E-commerce is adopted in the procurement process, which effectively saves procurement time and procurement personnel.

    2. Short delivery time

    A lot of inventory, to avoid some of the production-oriented enterprises due to stockouts, can not put the damaged equipment back into use.

    3. Plan purchasing

    The customers through the MRO integration procurement and Saier MRO website system synchronization docking, to better grasp the required product delivery cycle, develop a more optimized procurement plan.

    4. Sudden purchase

    The customer's related products for maintenance, maintenance, and operation are often damaged in use due to some consumables, resulting in some unplanned purchases. At this time, Saier MRO's simple processes and a wide range of products that are relatively consistent, Improve the company's risk of handling accidents.

    5. Quality Assurance

    Saier MRO integrated procurement and direct cooperation with many brands of production plants to ensure that the original genuine products, and provide professional after-sales service.

    6. Reduce costs

    Saier MRO conducts centralized procurement and reduces costs; centralized procurement is the best way to reduce MRO procurement and indirect procurement.

    7. Transparent procurement

    Avoiding the procurement process involves many departments and directly avoids the hidden costs of procurement activities.

    Value Creator - Saier MRO

    The one-stop professional service model of Saier MRO integrated procurement will certainly replace the sales model of similar bazaars. Saier MRO integrated procurement will become a win-win cooperation project that simultaneously wins economic value and social value.

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